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Innovative credit solutions delivered through our modern, developer-friendly API

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Data Access Portal


Access bureau data through Bloom's proprietary portal

Can include:

  • Scores and Reports
  • Inquiries and Public Records
  • Attributes and more

Why use Bloom?

Launch lending products, personal finance features, or innovative credit experiences in the easiest, most effective way possible. 

Credit Monitoring

Monitor your customers' credit data

Can include: 

  • Real-time alerts
  • Fraud detection
  • Risk mitigation

Why use Bloom?

We make it easy to monitor your customers' credit to launch personal finance features that increase engagement, mitigate your risk, and uncover useful trends.


Credit Activity Reporting


Report consumers' credit data back to the bureau

Can include: 

  • Credit health improvement
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Data transformation

Why use Bloom?

We help you report your consumers' credit activities back to the bureaus to aid in their credit journeys. 

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