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Credit Building


What is Credit Building?

Credit building presents your company with:

  • Optimized financial plans
  • Timelines and projections
  • Easy to incorporate API

Why use Bloom?

What differentiates us is our ability to create effective, forward-looking credit plans. We can highlight your consumers' strengths, give them a path forward, and provide your company with awareness around how your consumers are trending.

Debt Planning

What does the Debt Planning feature do?

The Debt Planning feature allows a company to receive:

  • Tailored debt payoff plans
  • Paths toward qualifying for your products
  • Ways for your consumers to save

Why use Bloom?

It is easy to throw payoff calculators at consumers and hope for the best. At Bloom, we work to make sure the plans we provide are the best options to serve that consumer.




What will Reports provide?

Reports give your company visibility into:

  • Individual customer credit attributes
  • Aggregate credit awareness
  • Insights around customer authentication

Why use Bloom?

We make it easy and efficient for you to access your customer’s info. Additionally, we have the credit expertise to help leverage the most important credit attributes based on your company’s needs.

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